Beach Bags wholesale and retail.

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Beach Bags wholesale and retail.

at Wordans Ireland

Get Ready for Summer with a Beach Bag

Summers don’t last long in Ireland, so making the most of them when they come is essential. At Wordans you can get everything you need for the beach, from towels to frisbees. You’ll need something to carry it all in of course, that’s where the beach bag comes in. 


They are of course not limited to the beach, but these bags are ideal for trips out in the summer. They’re spacious, and super easy to chuck everything in and throw over your shoulder. Choose from cloth, canvas, or durable braided plastic, many of our bags are made from recycled materials. With a variety of colours and handles, it’s easy to find one you like. 

Uses for Beach Bags in Ireland

Beach bags are really useful things to have around the house, and work just as well for trips to the park or shopping. Besides yourself, they make nice presents for others, and they can be a good addition for your business too. If you’re in retail, bags are always a good avenue– people need them when they’re out and about, and having a bag encourages them to buy more from you. 


Wordans wholesale prices are more good news for retailers, as your products get cheaper the more you buy. Sign in or create an account today to see how much you could save. 

Customise Your Own Beach Bag

With our customisation tool you can take things one step further. Choose a beach bag with the blue label on it and you can customise it with your own designs. Add text or graphics from the tool, or upload your own logos, photos, or other designs. 


With beach bags available for less than €2, you can make low-cost branded products with ease. They’re great options for publicity or resale, you can also make bags for clubs or charities, or as a personal gift for someone you know. Start the summer in style with a beach bag from Wordans.