Cooler Bags wholesale and retail.

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Cooler Bags wholesale and retail.

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Enjoy the Summer with a Cooler Bag

If you’ve lived in Ireland for a while, you’ll know the warm weather doesn’t last long, so you need to take advantage while you can. When we do get some lovely weather, everyone will be out and about enjoying themselves, and a cooler bag is a great way to help you do that. 


At Wordans you can get great-looking, tough cooler bags in all shapes, sizes and colours. They’re made with strong materials, so you can trust them to hold up well even when they’re loaded with cans. Add a little convenience to your summer with a cooler bag from Wordans. 

Why Do I Need a Cooler Bag in Ireland?

Several reasons. When we think of a cooler bag, we normally think of trips to the park, the countryside, or the beach. They’re also great for long journeys in a car or train– any time you’re out and about you’ll want to keep your refreshments nice and cool. You might even want them in your own home– if you’ve a long garden with a barbeque at the end– why come back up to the house every time you need a drink? 


They also make lovely gifts for friends and family– it’s something people might not already own, but will definitely find a use for once they have one. 

Cooler Bags for Your Business

There are plenty of uses for cooler bags besides personal. As a retailer, seasonal items are often worth stocking, as you can make the most of those times of year when people need them. They also make for excellent merchandise, and gifts for your staff or customers. 


There’s no need to break the bank, as well as the more sophisticated models, we also have smaller, simple cool bags you can get for a couple of euro. You can even get cooler shopping bags, to keep everything fresh on the way back from the supermarket. With our wholesale pricing, you can get great cooler bags for even better prices!